Cutting the cord…getting rid of cable

5284480-origTake back the power! There has been electric power running through our homes for the past 15 years or so, keeping energized, every possible distraction known to man. In a blog last month, we talked about simplifying our lives by taking the TV out of the bedroom, and I am happy to report that I have convinced five very important people to reconsider their position on the issue. However, because of the success of this “technology revolution,” I believe that most of my readers are ready for step 2.

It took several tries to cut the cable cord in our home and many calls of begging and pleading, on my part, asking the cable company not to “make me an offer I just couldn’t refuse.”

If you are like my family, and watching TV is in the top 5 on a list of things we do for entertainment, then reducing your options makes spending time at home, much more challenging. Please don’t judge me, as you think quietly to yourself, why don’t they read or play games together, like happy families portray on TV? To that question, I have a two-part response. The first part is that my husband and I are teachers, and our children are both still in school. Therefore, we basically, all read for a living. The second part is that watching TV together, is how we would like to be portrayed, if we were a TV family.

There came a time when we finally decided however, that the commercials and show previews, not the ridiculous number of available cable channels, was just too much!  In the past ten years there has been a sharp increase in the use of TV commercials to push the envelope on sex appeal and sexual situations, while selling anything from lipstick to lampshades. Maybe the conspiracy has been taking place longer. But we grew increasingly uncomfortable, facing a daily barrage of sexually-charged, violence-advocating scenes advertising products and prime-time shows. This all taking place just before returning to our regularly scheduled family program.

I could tell you that it was only for the financial gain, why we parted ways with our cable company, two years ago. Yes, that was certainly a benefit, as a Netflix membership, which fully services our TV watching needs is a fraction of the cost. That however, would only  be half the story. We wanted more control over our lives and especially what our children saw and heard. We wanted to initiate the inevitable conversations about sexuality and sexual situations in our home, when we felt it was the right time. And yes, we wanted to simplify and manage our TV watching time, so that we could allocate it to other family-bonding activities like playing games, reading books and my all time favorite talking to each other.

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