This is not a blog about flowers!


A lot of people love flowers. I mean hundreds of thousands of them! (I’m from Brooklyn, New York so please excuse me if I don’t really share this appreciation.) This past weekend flower worshipers of the world united in the great city of Philadelphia at the convention center.

img_1761As at most religious services, there was reverence, admiration, revelation, introspection and then exult jubilation. I was in attendance at the invite of my sister-cousin, who for the past five years has faithfully attended the flower show. This was my third.

img_1832Although this really is not a blog about flowers, the flower show always provides my cousin and I the opportunity to meet and rediscover our relationship against the backdrop of overwhelming natural beauty. She lives in Maryland and I in New York. We have known each other our entire lives and we are now women of a “mature” age. We’ve had our ups and downs, lead hectic and demanding lives, endured divorce and survived childbirth. We are still figuring out what a mutually satisfying marriage is supposed to look like, while fighting to retain a personal sense of self. There is not always time to enjoy the simply beautiful.

img_1840-2Unlike my cousin, the flower show is not the biggest pull for me to Philadelphia at this time of the year. I don’t share the same awe and wonder as I take in each and every floral masterpiece.  I will admit however,  that each year I like it a little bit more (don’t tell my cousin).


The most anticipated part of the trip for me is the time we spend together.

There is laughter and  amusement, story-telling and wise counsel. Times of reminiscing which could result in tears, wiped away by another conjured up memory. Our get togethers are rich with a deep sense of shared history and there is a strengthening of our bond of sisterhood. We are also able to capture something of our former singleness, as we eat out for every meal and return to our semi-fancy hotel room. The entire experience is worth every penny we pay.

img_1774If you are considering embarking on a simpler way of life don’t eliminate the must-haves. In my life that is increasingly beginning to mean the things you can’t put a price on. Consider today a relationship which was once important but life’s demands has drained you of the energy to maintain it or maybe your financial concerns have cautioned you about further investing. A meal, a cup of coffee, a walk or even a day at the flower show might produce a beautiful bloom in the garden of your life.

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