Super Size…My Life!

Do you remember when McDonald’s offered  the option to supersize your meal? There was the original meal but then you could also increase the size of your fries and drink, up to three times larger. The largest portion was the Supersize! What an amazing time in fast food history.


Lets just talk about how we live in an age where we are constantly looking for ways to supersize our lives. For instance, when did the concept of a “starter home” begin? My grandparents recounted many times the story of how hard they worked and saved to put two cents together so that they could build their family home. I grew up in this home with them, until I was 13 years old and although they are now both deceased after 53 years of marriage, that same home still stands today as a safe haven for their children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren.

When I watch an episode of House Hunters on the HGTV channel, I am always amazed at the reasons buyers give for having to get a bigger home. In the number one slot of popular reasons, there is always the couple that complains about not being able to open the fridge  and dishwasher doors at the same time because they bump into each other.(My grandparents are turning over in their graves right now, while rolling their eyes.)

What is this equation which suggest that better is bigger and bigger makes you feel better?

There is a verse in the Christian Bible which states that godliness with contentment is great gain. This verse haunted me when all throughout graduate school, as a single mother, living on an extremely tight budget, I was forced to discover the deeper meaning of contentment. My son’s and my life were financially limited, but honestly, it was one of the most fulfilling and happiest times of our lives. We lived like minimalists, before it became a trend and found multiple ways to enjoy a simple way of life. We were card- carrying members of the local public library, most weekends included some back-packing trip through the concrete jungle of New York City, whether it was a museum (at a suggested donation) or watching unplanned street theater of New Yorkers being themselves. We filmed home movies in our living room, which we would later watch to entertain ourselves and enjoyed small, but special treats, some even from Mcdonalds.

You can Super Size your life, but that is not necessarily buying bigger or more. I believe it means discovering in a more profound way, who you are and broadening your experiences with others. Place value on the things that really matter and search with great intent for some of the lost treasures of your life which have been misplaced. The irony is that a bigger life has nothing to do with money at all.

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