A few of my favorite things…

My favorite movie of all time is The Sound Of Music starring Julie Andrews. It’s the story of a nun who is assigned to the Austrian Captain  Von Trapp, a widower and father of seven children. He runs a tight ship and requires Maria (Julie Andrews)  to use a whistle as the way to keep his “army of seven” in line. She refuses to manage his home in this militaristic fashion, and instead opens up a whole new world of laughter, dancing and song, focusing not on the looming world war 2, but rather a simple world of their favorite things. Some of her favorites, she serenades them include,

“Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens,

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,

Brown paper packages tied up with strings.”

How could those simple pleasures be a few of her favorite things?soundofmusicmyfavoritethingsbest-1

We live in a society which encourages a taste for the sophisticated, expensive and immediately accessible. There is no waiting for or savoring of things. This blog is all about going back to a time when “the simpler the better,” less is more, you could buy it but why not make it, recycle and up-cycle.

I have been slowly recreating my attached, post-ww2, small home, located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York into a veritable homestead. Our friends think we are clinically insane when we recount the joys of making our own perfume and clothes detergent, crocheting all our scarves, and sometimes even selling our wares at flea markets in Union Square. We bake most of our desserts, cook 90 percent of our meals at home and said goodbye to cable for good two years ago.

So what’s life like? Its still a work in progress. We are still (some of us more than others) attempting to minimalize our belongings, our debt, our connection to technology and even our thought-life. It is not at all easy and sometimes even a bit unrealistic, but we are on a search for a less complicated time in our life where we truly “enjoy the simple things.”

One thought on “A few of my favorite things…

  1. High Five to you and your family. In due time, you could be my neighbor across the field and we would swap recipes and help tend each other chores. Oh Girl, this one made me smile more than I did at any of the others. I love the fact that you are building a “homestead.” YAY!!! for you!!! You just might be interested in one of my most favorite websites to go to – MaryJaneFarmgirl.com. Now before you think I gone off the deep end here, there is a section in there for urban Farmgirls, because as you will read, being a farmgirl is a condition of the heart, not where you live. It’s ideas, resources, friendships, idea forums, events, projects, help, prayer support and so much more.

    I know you are not ready to put on overalls and buy some chickens, however you will find ideas and resources for doing the exact things you are trying to do for your family AND you will most likely even connect with other women in your area trying to do the same thing. I can’t explain how giddy it makes you feel to realize there are other women with the same passion and wanting to make the same differences for their family. It’s such a positively joy-filled feeling to know there are others just like you.

    This makes me so happy because I know you will find true satisfaction in simplifying, recreating, home cooking, and all that comes along with that no matter how much or little you do, it will all be for the good of you and your family. Because this is what you are passing down to your children – what a treasure. I can’t wait to hear the next things you do and try. Love and hugs and blessings on new discoveries and a much simpler life.


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