Still on the journey…one year later

boat trip  henna

Almost exactly one year ago, in my dining room, my husband with scissors in hand and a youtube tutorial cued, WE did the BIG chop. I had been transitioning for about four months, but it was beginning to become tiresome and getting my hair “public ready” for any and all occasions had evolved into quite an effort.

I cant imagine what my husband must have been thinking…but after much badgering and motivational speeches about how much I trusted him (and secretly thinking that no way was I willing to pay about $100 for a “consultation” at a salon, he did it! It was crazy amazing at first. I kept catching my reflection in the mirror, introducing my pschye to this new face. Of course, I invested hundreds of waking hours researching every thought on youtube about natural hair. I learned alot and did most of what I watched, at least once. But about six months in, I grew more comfortable with the new regimens and confident that I could take care of the personality of my own hair.

So here we are, a year later, lots of growth and lessons learned. I am still resolut however, that I will not go broke, while going natural.


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