Great Mistakes

Sometimes you start out with a plan in mind and then you deviate, just a bit and then you mess up and finally decide that the outcome was even better than the original plan. Okay, so maybe in most cases it really doesn’t work out that way but in this case, on this crochet project…it actually did.

Double Stitch Twins are two women, actual twins who have turned their crochet skills into dollar bills. Like me, they learned the art as young girls, returned to it twenty years later to make gifts and then discovered that they enjoyed it and more than that, were designers; more precisely, crochet fashionistas. If you love to look at beautiful handmade (but not homemade-looking) “fashion forward” apparel, check them out

I LOVE their stuff and have been crocheting as many of their (free) patterns that I can get my hands on. Look for them at So whats been happening is that I start with their original design and then end up with something…er different.

Original pattern looks like this

I love the outcome but I might not be able to replicate it.

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