No Sew Rainbow Girl’s Skirt

Rainbow skirt

Since picking up crochet again, one of the most exciting things has been the activity of “making actual clothes without sewing.” This rainbow skirt for my 5-year-old little girl is proof of that! I started this skirt a couple of days ago, loosely following a pattern. After a while I abandoned the pattern and drew on all the ideas I have received from other crochet fashionistas and made it my own. Yes, I said “crochet fashionistas” and if you don’t believe that crochet is high fashion in 2013, take a quick stroll down any busy street of women clothing stores. Trust me, even Anne Sez, says so. I can’t wait for her to wear it. I would put it on her right now at 11:56 PM, but she’s been sleeping for 3 hours and its a heck to get her back to sleep. So for now, I can only enjoy the satisfaction of looking at my piece of finished art.  Find the artist in you.

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